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"If you are new to Android Programming you want to start with some great resources, fortunately there are plenty of them out there. You might want to also learn a bit of Java, as this is the base of the Android programming language."
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Android Apps Development Ideas - 6 Points to Keep in Mind

Android is a software platform for cellular devices. It has its own operating-system, middleware and applications. Other mobile platforms available in the market today are Symbian, Apple iOS and Windows Phone 7. Among these platforms, Android received much attention because growing market of applications, like Angry Birds and Doodle Jump. So what do you think you're looking forward to' Learning Android Development is not hard.

The study was conducted using a tool called eprof. It figured a great deal of apps spend sizable period in performing I/O functions including accessing Wi-Fi or 3G data. The study also said numerous apps have a hidden feature to help keep a computer operating in full-power mode despite app's operation is complete. Rovio's Angry Birds, for an instance, has third party ad network that eats-up 45 percent in the total power consumed with the app. Opening Android search page in native browser consumes 20,000 A& -5533;AH and about 31 percent and 16 percent can be used for 3G and GPS.

There are 100 million Android mobile phones activated worldwide, 400,000 new devices activated every day. The explosive growth signifies that the estimated 200,000 Android apps at the moment will probably overtake the quantity of iPhone Apps eventually. Other App stores can also be found: Motion's App World for Blackberry devices, Nokia's Ovi Store and Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace.

2. Good User Interface - In a market that is certainly crowded with offerings, an app really should have excellent design coupled with a fantastic 'User Interface' as a way to increase its likelihood of getting noticed. The design should not be complex. Some apps such as Smart AudioBook Player have witnessed success by concentrating on an easy design and easy to use interface that gives customers exactly what they need.

Like desktops and laptops, dual core processing seems to be the future of cellphones. Android has become among the early movers with close to one-fourth mobile phones to be sold this year. It will be an enormous leap forward regarding performance, battery and will offer unmatched mobile experience.

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