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A community college positioned in Phoenix, Arizona, within the United States, Phoenix College could be the oldest community college inside the entire country. At the same time, the school is additionally the largest advanced schooling provider in United States and serves not only the metropolitan capital of scotland - Phoenix, with 150,000 residents, but also the rest of the United States along with the world.

You might have heard that if your kids attends a residential area college, that eliminates your opportunity to get a scholarship. This isn't always true but here's the serious problem. Universities are each unique companies, using their own policies. There isn't a single answer out there. Each college will perform it differently. They may each decide if you should accept AP or CLEP tests - and judge when they will be given credit, placement, or employed for outside documentation only. They each get to decide their policy on who gets scholarships at the same time - just those who demonstrate "need" or whoever has superior test scores. Those decisions are often determined by only one thing: what will enhance their ranking nationally. They will figure out what is the better business decision for his or her company.

Can GED graduates achieve college? They can, and do. Rockingham Community College student Khori Navarre earned a GED in 2008 before enrolling being a full-time student. Now, Navarre carries a 4.0 grade-point average and won the North Carolina Community College System's Academic Excellence Award. Navarre credits the GED with giving her confidence to be university.

There are many people who find themselves also unsure in regards to the exact profession to merely take, community college is perfect for people wanting to find out more on an area before settling on invest in a complete three to four year university degree program. It is also feasible for many working adults who would not successfully complete secondary school to attend a community college and obtain their senior high school qualification. They are then able to further their studies in whatever field they currently be employed in. Doing so can help you them when it comes to career advancement. Often it just takes only one qualification to set you in advance of your colleagues making you the optimal candidate for that long-awaited promotion.

So, it will say ninth grade these classes, tenth grade these classes. Anything before 9th grade I said "Early High School Credits". I gave them secondary school credit for every of people items that I knew was high school graduation level. Any class that they took an passed a CLEP test, I gave them an honors credit, because CLEP reflects a university a higher level learning.

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