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"North Park Residences is a newly launched mixed-use commercial and residential development at Yishun Central 1 by Frasers Centrepoint Ltd (FCL). This massive plot of land, 442,234 square feet, is right beside the Northpoint shopping mall is expected to developed into a 12-storey integrated complex comprising of 920 residential units, comprising 1-5 bedroom units catering to singles as well as large families, investors and owner occupiers alike. North Park Residences is the first ever condominium in Yishun within 500 metres walking distance from the Yishun MRT station."
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What Is It Like Living in a Luxury Condo Like the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta?

Living in a trendy type of every day life is quite advantageous. With the advent of modernization and continued progression nowadays, there's no question that as man matures, he eventually learns to miss what's easier and faster. Anything that is offered turns into a help to every man specifically for the current ones.

Imagine how effortless it would be to access work (or school) in order to dash to the grocery when you ran from some supplies. In aesthetic sense, condominiums are typically fine-looking, with trendy styles ranging from neo-Asian to Mediterranean to ultra-modern, even futuristic. It is so nice to go home to your loved ones within your luxurious condo from a tiring day.

Although Stats Canada figures demonstrate that the massive variety of Canadians entering their retirement years will add unprecedented pressure to social programs, medical and pensions, boomers aren't retiring from your workforce as previously expected nor for their parents did. Research is showing a large number of boomers will likely be working well within their 70s and if retiring at 65 or younger, are getting into new adventures. The daunting milestone that turning 65 was formerly, has stopped being a poor one and if it's significant in any way, it's signifying opportunity.

1. Safety and Security: Master planned communities have a great home security system available, with 24 / 7 manning in the premises, enhance while using latest gadgets that assist the safety man keep a vigil effectively.

2. Specific areas for various utilities: Areas demarcated for various usages, like children's play areas, walking and jogging areas, separate party halls, mini theaters and the like ensure that no hindrance is caused to your specific activity.

3. Different prices available inside same community: There is a feeling that master planned communities offer very costly housing opportunities only. This is not true. Several communities offer varying price tags within the same area so because of this helps make the plan affordable extending its love to those who can't afford to get top quality homes.

4. Chance to socialize: Such housing systems give you the chance socialize and mingle with more people than you'll actually use a chance if you were living in just one house. In-house celebrations and functions are normally attended by the majority in the residents they do not contain the hassle of driving out in the community and chilling, looking for appropriate parking, the industry major problem linked with most cities nowadays.

• Living Arrangements - Talk to the landlord about pets or roommates during the first meeting. Even if you don't necessarily desire a pet friendly rental yet, it's essential to learn the possibility can there be. Also, in case you have a roommate and never take the proper steps before you move it, it can open a can of legal worms which could follow you; more about this below.

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