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New research brings very good news - the benefits of drinking teas now include some protection from the risk of developing Alzheimer's symptoms (as well as other dementia), and may also slow the growth of cancer cells. Green tea has been used for hundreds of years as part of traditional Chinese medicine as being a treatment for headaches and depression.

For starters, roughly 3,500 calories saved in just one pound of fat. Whatever weight loss method you choose, as a way to lose a pound weekly, you have to achieve a calorie deficit of 3,500 over the course of the week. A calorie deficit implies that you use-up more calories than you consume, through the process of diet modification, exercise or both. So to see one pound of fat loss per week, you need to maintain a normal calorie deficit of about 500 calories each day

Green tea boasts the ability to burn calories significantly more than what your caffeine pill are able to do. This is because as the hot drink falls into your system, your system uses up energy to cool it down. Tea is also believed to burn calories a lot more than it adds; the web effect is that you could lose weight by consuming tea regularly.

Green tea, on the other hand, is heated, either by steaming (when it comes to most Japanese teas) or pan-firing or roasting (the strategy used for most Chinese teas). The heat kills the enzymes that create oxidation, and would result in the leaves to eventually turn darkish and become black tea. Green tea thus has a naturally brighter green color preserved, compared to white tea.

Green tea contains polyphenols, that is what is called a super antioxidant. This super antioxidant is more powerful than Vitamin E - 200 times more. The benefits of these antioxidants are that they can kill poisons. Free radicals attack the body and are mainly accountable for disease and aging. But as their benefits only go on for several hours, it is strongly recommended to drink one cup at least eight times each day.

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Green tea and health are synonymous today. Once the beverage drink seen to Chinese for longer than 5000 years is getting popular daily in the West along with the US. While Chinese prefer to this day to take it as a drink and derive its natural benefit, others decided to look at it from health perspective than enjoying the tea drinking experience. In fact the ability of brewing this tea is known very little in the West. The trick is in its meticulous preparation to have the benefits. The quality of tea determines the temperature of water to be utilized for brewing and also the steeping time required for the leaf.

To illustrate, suppose you are an architect creating a house. You have a blueprint or instructions calling for so many two-by-fours, numerous sheets of plywood, etc. As the home is being built and also the materials are getting used, you might need more or you may have used each of the two-by-fours you'll need. This situation necessitates communication from the project site back to the actual plans, which provides the message that we now have enough supplies or more and more supplies are needed. The message to create more material is thus either activated or put on hold.

Green tea seems to also effectively fight HIV, which is an impressive feat by itself. But the benefits of drinking this beverage don't stop here. If you want to have pearly white teeth without using various teeth whitening products or without having to go to the dentist to whiten them for you personally, a cup of green tea daily can easily accomplish that. This is because the tea prevents plague and cavities as it fights over bacteria which can be found in the mouth throughout the teeth area.

• Use pure water.

• Use the correct quantity of tea leaves and water to the perfect taste. Usually one teaspoonful for 8-10 ounce of water is enough.

• An ideal temperature for brewing this tea is around 165- 170 F. though there may be slight variations based on the brand, the brewing temperature must not be very high. It will not only spoil the tastes but will also diminish the nutrients.

• It really should not be steeped for more than 2 minutes. Usually Japanese teas taste best at 1-2 minutes while Chinese teas would be better at 3 minute. Just stick to the manufacturer's recommendations for bringing out the best taste from the tea.

• Let the tea cool down for a few minutes before sipping it.

It gets better and, as the fact is until this Asian drink is also a great partner in the event you struggle to lose fat. Many fitness coaches suggest that you use it in combination with running, walking or any other fat burning activates. Losing weight is another way to prolong your life considerable.

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