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Twenty years ago thermostats were turned up and down for comfort levels with simply no thought to saving energy. In fact, the wars in the thermostat are legendary in many families. There is usually one spouse who wants the house over 72 degrees along with the other who aspires the temperature a minimum of 68.

Ten years ago, Patricia Seliger replaced the desiccated lawn that was planted from the previous homeowner in Mesa, Arizona, which has a xeriscape garden. The high cost and impracticality of getting a lawn in the desert inspired her to produce the change. "It would have been a water guzzler and time consumer," Seliger says. "I were required to buy a lawn mower, a weed whacker, an electric hedge trimmer; and I was constantly running on the hardware store to purchase fertilizer and grass seed, in order to find parts to constantly repair the sprinkler system."

Worm compost is sterile and free from weed seeds, thus eradicating the challenge associated with weed infestations. In essence, a weed infested garden, or vegetable patch would need the most drastic of measures to combat the problem. Even in case you thoroughly dig on the offending area, weed seeds will continue. And worse still, should you attempt to compost the weeds, you'll likely not have got rid of the weed seeds and just be re introducing them back into your patch.

One of the biggest uses of home electricity will be the energy utilized to cool your own home in the summer. The heat through the sun enters homes primarily through sun facing windows, and may make your air conditioning equipment work up to 30% greater than it needs to in order to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. So, by blocking that sunlight, as well as the heat, you are able to reduce your home electricity greatly.

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The most cost-effective solution, you may make at home. All you need is some mild dish soap, oil (vegetable, olive), and water. Take a clear spray bottle and add of a teaspoon of mild dish soap and another teaspoon of oil. Fill other bottle track of water from your tap and shake the bottle until it's thoroughly mixed. Once you have completed those steps, you are able to spray your plants with all the solution. Good luck and happy gardening!

5. Install low flush toilets and showerheads. This is an alternate way to consume less water within the bathroom. Even better yet, in case you are getting ready to convey a new toilet fixture, check into composting toilets. These fixtures are clean and odorless, and definately will save you lots of money in water and sewer costs. The Huge Benefits of Locating Regenerative leadership institute